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As-Built Surveys are our bread and butter.  No project is too big or too small.  We have completed hospitality surveys in excess of 320k square feet to residential surveys for a remodel within 100 square feet.  We apply the same level of care and commitment to each survey that we are tasked with to provide the best and most accurate surveys possible.  We always try to have the best understanding of the scope of work and give our clients the eyes on site that most surveys lack.  We thrive on going above and beyond to give our clients more than they ask for.  As-Built Surveys that we provide are Architectural, Structural, MEP, Elevations, Building Sections and Fixture Plans.

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Blueline Drafting is not shy about our love for new toys and equipment.  When we have the opportunity to jump on a new piece of survey equipment that can transform the way we deliver information, we typically don't hesitate.  That is exactly what the Matterport Camera and 3D scanner has done.  We are registered "Matterport Service Partners" through Matterport themselves and listed as a recommended Pro for the Cincinnati Area, although we've collaborated on projects with our cameras from coast to coast.  The scans provide a fully functioning 3D view of the space with the equivalent of 1000 photos to 1 still photo.  This is the perfect tool for real estate listings or anyone looking to have the most complete view of their space.

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Blueline Drafting will find any excuse to fly our drones.  Similar to the Matterport, they have transformed the way and the level to which we can deliver information to our clients.  No longer is anything "out of reach".  The images are essential for schematic site plan creation, detailed elevation views otherwise completely out of reach and un-obtainable.  The images are crisp and current and help us provide the whole picture for the surveys we deliver.  Whether you are looking for just the images themselves or would like the have them as a supplement to any survey package, its a service we are always happy to provide.

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Our site verification service is more of a continuation of our As-Built service, but with a more specific purpose.  Sometimes an architectural survey may not be required since our client may be an engineering firm or a trade contractor.  In that case blueline can look specifically at the area or system of interest and provide critical information for the design or permitting process.  We have experience documenting the following systems, services and requirements.  Electrical service, Circuit Tracing, Sanitary waste and vent systems, Domestic water systems, Mechanical systems, Refrigeration systems, ADA requirements or violations, Fixture Inventory and Merchandising.

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At Blueline Drafting we made the move a while ago to upgrade all of our still cameras to be of DSLR caliber.  The result was not only more positive for referencing our own images, but provides a much better end result for our clients as well.  The images are brighter, crisper and more usable when trying to understand information from the field.  We also use our 360 cameras whenever possible.  Similar in principle only to the Matterport, these images are downloadable and transferable, which at times makes them more convenient.  360 images are so invaluable to have when trying to better understand a site condition that the still photo just missed.  Also, for tight spaces such as bathrooms or closets, there is no better tool for creating images.

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Permit drawings have always been a staple for us at Blueline Drafting.  Our backgrounds in architecture and engineering have always brought us back to the creation drawing sets and construction documents.  Blueline's foundation was built on creating drawings and permit sets for small remodel projects and deck additions back when we were still just moonlighting.  Today we offer the service of creating permit drawings for whatever project you may need.  With anything from a deck or shed in the backyard, to a new ADA ramp to your commercial space, to a 3 story addition/expansion on your home.  We still thrive on design and collaboration with contractors and home/small business owners to create new spaces.



A saying we like to use at Blueline Drafting, is that "we become an extension of your firm."  This saying goes hand in hand with our drafting support service.  We try to encourage our clients to reach out when they have drafting support or staffing needs rather than hiring someone full time or through a temp agency.  Most of the surges in project work can be handled by having just one or two additional team members to get them over the hump.  With Blueline Drafting there is no post project obligation or awkward moments.  We are contract employees per job and when the job is over, so it the contract.  We apply the same concept for our survey and as-built services as well, but there is definitely still a niche for in house drafting support.

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Blueline Drafting is a small network of creative and motivated individuals.  We all have different backgrounds and interests that don't necessarily align with the services we offer.  However, that doesn't mean that we will turn down any opportunity to take on something new or help someone visualize their ideas and concepts through drafting and design.  Whether is creating sketch up models of the ice rink you hope to someday build and operate or helping you design a copper theft alarm to be patented and manufactured, we are open and intrigued by any and all opportunities.  Our favorite part about Blueline Drafting is that we don't set any boundaries.  We don't let any ideas or potential for progress and innovation fall through the cracks.  We are passionate about creating, exceeding and over delivering.  If we can't do it, we probably know someone who can, or maybe we can figure it out together, we just need the opportunity to try.

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We are always looking for the right fit to join our team at the right time.  If you are someone who has interest in the services we offer and feel the need to be a part of the team, please don't hesitate to reach out.  We are always open to having a conversation with motivated individuals who want to take a chance and try something new on this wild journey with us.