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Drafting Professionals

Our drafting services are nearly unlimited, however Blueline specializes in creating incredibly accurate as-built surveys utilizing state-of-the-art software and equipment.

Business Owners, Contractors and Property Owners: Accurate as-built drawings of existing conditions are essential to the success of your renovation or remodel project. Blueline Drafting professionals are highly trained in site verification practices and possess the necessary tools to accurately measure, document and draft the information on site. In addition to site verification, Blueline offers CAD drafting services to assist in developing the proposed layout for your project, and our professionals have the experience to take the project through design to permit and construction documents.

Design Firms: From site verification as-built creation to CAD production support, our drafting professionals will become an extension of your firm, adapting to your company’s drafting standards and practices. Blueline will staff and schedule the site verification surveys, keeping your firm’s designers, engineers and architects in the office, resulting in increased productivity through maximizing your company resources. Blueline also offers on-call CAD drafting support eliminating the need to hire additional full time employees as well as eliminating the need to purchase additional software, hardware, office space, medical insurance and other costly benefits.

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