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Abstract Architecture


Blueline Drafting, LLC was founded in 2008 and is currently owned by Kevin J. Nolan.   Kevin began his career in architectural drafting and design after graduating from Cincinnati State in 1995.  His first professional position was as an architectural drafter for Lockwood Greene, a world-wide architectural and engineering firm in Cincinnati, Ohio, where he worked on drafting several large scale commercial and industrial facilities.  Kevin accepted a position as an architectural intern in 2000 at AM Kinney, Inc., an architectural and engineering firm in downtown Cincinnati, where he drafted and assisted with the design of several commercial, education and industrial projects.  A couple of those projects include the BBSRB building at the University of Kentucky and Creation Museum in Northern Kentucky.  Kevin then accepted a position at Architectural Group International (AGI), where he was employed from 2003 to 2010.  As survey team lead, he headed up a team of surveyors to complete numerous site verification surveys on many large scale retail rollout and full store remodel projects.  As lead architectural drafter/designer, he completed the drafting for the construction documents and permit drawing sets for those retail projects, as well as the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame, the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame, the Underground Railroad Museum in Cincinnati, and spent several months in the United Arab Emirates, near Dubai, as architectural designer and project coordinator for the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi project. 


Kevin has a passion for creating and providing a variety of architectural necessities for small business owners, corporate companies and even residential consumers.  Blueline Drafting is proud to offer these to you using digital technology and old fashioned face-to-face meetings or phone calls with real people when you have a question or concern.   Kevin knows that creating a trusting relationship with a stable and thriving business is hard to come by these days.  Blueline has continued to grow over the past 14 years even during unforeseen workforce and supply chain challenges.  The future is bright as Kevin expands his company with diverse professionals, each person chosen for their individualized traits.  Blueline Drafting is the company you can trust no matter your survey need.  

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